The kick-off of the story… not that long ago: summer 2014. This 6-piece band revolted Spanish alternative scene back on June 2014 when they published via Youtube their first single and videoclip, a song called ‘Estiu’ (literally, ‘summer’ in Catalan) which became viral (+2M views – http://goo.gl/oXu9AJ) and launched the band to the publishing of their first album by the end of 2014. The release was supported with a large tour on 2015, including a first leg of the tour with instant sold-outs in venues of main cities in Spain and a summer leg with mid and large festivals in the same territory.

2015 and 2016 were almost an end-less tour…
The irrumption and success of the album, acclaimed by fans and specialized media, was followed by a success on stage: ZOO delivers a powerful live show based on a non-typical 6-piece band (sequences&keys, guitar, bass, t-bone, sax&perc and vox), live versions of the songs and an always truly committed message and attitude that engage audiences from all cities of the tour. Last 2016 the band continued supporting their first album with a selected tour of big festival and events, a tour that finalized on August and that was completely booked by the end of January. Since the band early quit that 2016 tour in summer time, ZOO went straight to the studio sessions and were recording their awaited second album for 5 months. (Listen full album at Youtube http://goo.gl/8lRJ98).

“Raval” is the new album for this 2017!
By the end of February the band launched the advance single and musical clip of their new album ‘Raval’: “El cap per avall” was yet another instant hit with moret han 615K views – https://goo.gl/nr8A7u. The release of ‘Raval’ has got a massive audience support and has been covered by general media in Spain as well as leding to major promotional hi-lights such as being national musical magazine cover (Enderrock, July 2017), broadcasted both in main Catalan and Spanish radio stations and featured in #1 radio magazines. First leg of the support tour during 2017 spring turned into sold-out gigs in venues all over main cities of Spain and for summer tour shows ZOO are headlinning the main festival of Spain, as well as brief Europe features such as Sziget Festival on August.

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