Alborosie & Shengen Clan (IT/JAM)

One of the greatest contemporary reggae artists comes back to One Love! He performed for us in 2011 and now it is time for his great comeback!
Alborosie (Alberto D’Ascola) was born in 1977 in Marsala in Sicily. However, he has lived in Kingston in Jamaica for years, which he considers to be his second home. Alborosie is a multi-instrumentalist – he plays the piano, the bass, the guitar and percussion, he makes music productions and mixes his music mostly on his own. His music career started at the age of 15 in Reggae National Tickets. In 2001 he decided to continue his solo career and moved to Jamaica. There he started to work as a sound engineer and producer. He has also cooperated with famous reggae artists, such as Gentleman and Ky-Mani Marley. He gained his popularity all over the world with his hit singles “Rastafari Anthem”, “Herbalist” or “Kingston Town”. He often applies reggae classics in his compositions interpreting them on his own. His first album was titled “Soul Pirate” (2007), two years later his second record was released titled “Escape from Babylon”. 2010 is considered to be a compilation of his duets with such stars as Sizzla, Shabba Ranks, Queen Latifah, Michael Rose, The Tamlins, and Luciano – „Alborosie, Specialist and Friends”. In the same year he surprised everyone with his tribute to dub classics, for example King Tubby – „Dub Clash”.

In June 2011 he released a diverse “2 Times Revolution”. Reggae sounds are mixed with hip-hop or a revolutionary ballad in the Manu Chao style, and the guests in the songs are Etana and Junior Reid. In the same year he won a prestige British award MOBO for the best reggae artists. He appeared to be better than, for example, Damian Marley & NAS. In 2013 he came back with another great album “Sound the System”, which had a dub version too. In 2015 he presented the result of his meeting with a legend of Jamaican music production “Alborosie meets King Jammy – Dub of Thrones”.

He started with his own record company Forward Recordings but now he is releasing his records under the aegis of the greatest reggae giants VP Records and Greensleeves. He has opened his own recording studio in Kingston.

He is considered to be one of the greatest contemporary reggae artists. Over the years he has visited probably every place in the world and there is hardly any significant reggae festival that he has not performed on. He performs alive with his fantastic Jamaican band Shengen Clan.
On 18th November we will see him in 14th edition of One Love Sound Fest in the Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia)