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Tomasz Słota started his career under a pseudonym TaLLib in 2007. It was a crucial year for him because his first record EP “Demo-LLition” was released then. The single gained great popularity on the internet. TaLLib has played over 200 concerts all over Poland since then and has won an enormous number of fans. His universal and positive massages make him popular among all age groups. The singer combines freely different types of music. TaLLib’s repertoire consists of party songs but also of romantic ballads. His exceptional voice and sincere lyrics bond together these two distant music worlds. Although he knows English well and has great experience in singing foreign songs, TaLLib makes his music only in Polish. – “When I write in Polish, I can express precisely what I feel” – says the artist from Lublin. In 2013 readers and editors of a music magazine Free Colours awarded him a prize “Debut of the Year 2012’.

"Twoje Miejsce Twój Czas (Your place Your Time)"
The second record by Tomasz Słota, hidden under a strong pseudonym Tallib. Contrary to Islamic fighters, it has nothing to do with radicalism but with a positive message wrapped in sunny music atmosphere.
Tomasz inherited vocal talent in his genes – he is a son of Jerzy Słota, known from playing in the VOX band. However, the offspring creates a completely different type of music, which is close to Jamaican. “Twoje miejsce, twój czas” is dominated by reggae and dancehall.

"This is a very pleasant record to listen, very optimistic, energetic, sunny and warm. For me, classical sounds of ‘regals’, for example “Moi ludzie (My people)” are the most convincing. Or “18 years” with fantastic lyrics about a longing for stormy times of youth.... “Do końca (Till the end)” can also be appealing – aptly chosen for promotion, as this is a song with the strongest hit potential on this record." (

In this album TaLLib is accompanied by D'Roots Brothers band with vocal participation of: Junior Stress, Sztoss or Mesajah.

He will play in One Love for the first time! You can listen to him on the sound system stage of One Love 2016.