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This year the festival will be hosted by a duet Mirosław “Maken” Dzięciołowski and 27Pablo!

Mirosław "Maken" Dzięciołowski - a promoter and journalist of reggae, a founder of the first sounds of Venture Sound System.  He has been working for the Polish radio for 10 years broadcasting  "Strefa Dread (The Dread Zone)". He worked with Polish National TV channel TVP Kultura, music mags “Brum”, “Plastik” or "Free Colours". As the promoter he brought many outstanding international artists to Poland of reggae and world music genres. Traveller to Jamaica, where he was an executive producer for Rastasize, Star Guard Muffin and Kamil Bednarek and as a guide presents musical aspects of the island.

27Pablo – a renowned explorer of Jamaican culture and music, who freely joins education and entertainment.  He has been a leading selector and MC for 18 years promoting island productions in Poland. He has been an active journalist since 90s specializing in discovering new talents from Jamaica.  He has introduced to Poland such artists as Raging Fyah, Kabaka Pyramid, Lil Joe aka Jah Ova Eviland and a producer’s team Equiknoxx. His project Dancehall Masak-Rah established in 2009 with Junior Stress received an award Nocne Marki (Night Owls) in 2013 from Aktivist magazine for the best cyclic event in the country. 27Pablo actively promotes Jamaican music by playing on numerous events and broadcasting weekly a programme on Polskie Radio Czwórka (Polish Radio Four) and then Warsaw Radio Kampus.